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Design studio addresses products, furniture, spaces and brand identity; aimed to create contemporary items that
are sensitive to human emotions and needs.

Wink center piece

The Wink multipurpose decorative centerpiece and tray can be placed on any horizontal surface revealing its sculptural side, which evokes the charm of a mask – where it gathers inspiration from. It is an arty and functional piece crafted in clay and designed to emphasizing the ritualism of any daily use. Ideal for serve snacks with friends or family at restaurant or home and to use as a pocket emptier. Available in matte finishing white milk and petrol green colours, Wink center piece adds character to any environment.

What is the concept behind the project ?

The project came from observing decorative masks and the idea to re-elaborate it as a functional, sculptural and arty ceramic everyday object suitable for both domestic and public spaces. The name «Wink» it has given based on the emotion it evokes and the idea it communicates

Which way the project might be used ?

It may be used both as a centerpiece decorating your table setting and tray to containing and serving fruits or snacks. It is also suitable for desk organizer tray

What are the dimensions ?

H3cm x 30,5cm x 18,5cm

When was the project done ?

The projects was done in 2020

What material is it made of ?

It is made of glazed clay

What is the colour and finishing ?

In part glazed in matte finishing white milk and petrol green colours

Where was the project done ?

Between Italy and Spain