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Design studio addresses products, furniture, spaces and brand identity; aimed to create contemporary items that
are sensitive to human emotions and needs.

Perpiacere gourmet store

A space conceived with the intent to become a community destination in Madrid for Italian food and cuisine discovery, Pierciacere Gourmet Store interior design project was centred essentially around three main keywords: convivial mood, clean aesthetics and artisanal nature. So the retail setting turned into a rationally organized space around a central “kitchen island” table where one’s attention was focused on many specialty and gourmet craft products, within a homogeneously illuminated wooden framework that brings warmth and genuineness.
Each piece of furniture was designed to create a recognizable and unique character to the brand, to make the space seem larger and to guide fluidly the clients between gourmet indulgences and everyday grocery, while offering them a relaxed and intimate environment where connect to a larger world of a food culture.

What is the concept behind the project ?

Tasked with creating a space with character that might be able to communicate the brand identity, to be functional to the will to balance gourmet indulgences and everyday solutions, to promote the meeting and to give the right emphasis to the food, the proper importance to pleasure; a stylish kitchen island appearing design was the basis on which the concept was born  

Which way the project might be used ?

The space might be used both for the sale of food products and as a community hangout space where to connect to the Italian food culture. The multifunctional and central positioned table might be specially suitable for a variety of activities and many insights

What are the dimensions ?

Located in the ground floor, an useful area of 25 square meters to be remodeled, including 22 square meters of sales area

When was the project done ?

The project started at the ends of 2014 and was carried out in the beginnings of 2015

What materials have been used ?

Melamine-faced mdf, decorative cement continuous coatings and decorative outdoor polypropylene lighting boxes

What is the colour and finishing ?

It was sought a dialogue between the wood finishes, the cement floor and the lighting box playing on the contrast of warm and cold and the combination full-empty

Where was the project done ?

In downtown Madrid, Spain