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Oround Lamps

Designed for Siru Lighting, Oround is a family of blown glass lamps that takes as reference elements of the classic production of the Murano glass industry, to provide both a renewed aesthetics mixing contemporary with vintage style and a rich arrey of lighting outcomes for any space in both domestic and commercial markets.
The pendant light is made of two glass pieces hand blown with the use of moulds. One is a smooth balloon which works as basic envelope that allows light to bounce around the entire space. The other is an extra striped layer firmly rested around the buld holder that increases refraction and soft illumination in order to generate certain direct light, allowing that this lamp can also be used to simultaneously illuminate a specific plane.
Available in one-color versions in smoked, amber, rose pink and white milk or in bicolour versions clear and smoky glass or clear and rose pink glass.

What is the concept behind the project ?

The concept comes from the idea of paying homage to traditional glass blowing techniques under a contemporary conception and according with the classical productions of the brand. The texture of the extra ring is indeed inspired by a traditional decorative glass technique called rigadín (in Venetian dialect) that is a mould in which the glass is blown to get a striped effect, sometimes twisted, very common in Venetian production of both objects and luminaries

Which way the project might be used ?

It may be used as a single pendant lamp with both lateral spread and some directional light or as a colorful combination of ceiling lamps. Oround can distinguish an entire room with its soft play of colours and layering. Further more, it is also conceived to be customized by the producer basing on the needs of any interior projects. Especially it can easily be transformed into a floor or table version

What are the dimensions and the light source ?

The dimensions are W30cm x D30cm x H38cm and the light bulb is E27 max 60W or E26 max 40W

When was the project done ?

The projects was done between 2018 and 2019, launched at the Salone del Mobile 2019 on the occasion of Euroluce international lighting exhibition

What material is it made of ?

All versions are handcrafted by Venetian artisians in Murano glass

What is the colour and finishing ?

Available in smoked, amber, rose pink and white milk or in two-coloured versions clear and smoky glass or rose pink glass

Where was the project done ?

In Venice, Italy