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Design studio addresses products, furniture, spaces and brand identity; aimed to create contemporary items that
are sensitive to human emotions and needs.

Nature Candle Holders

A decorative ceramic candle holders set made in clay and inspired by plants, whose sinuous-shapes “leaf” give to the flame wind protection and modulate its own light. Available in sets of two, three pieces or individually, in two different colour variations, “Nature” consists of a series of curvy objects organically combined together where the candle light is wrapped up. Designed to bringing warmth and a distinctive atmosphere to any space both indoor and outdoor.

What is the concept behind the project ?

Nature candle holders set transfers into its design all the suggestions brought back from a darkness, summer night picnic at Damhus Lake in Denmark, when eating I wished to drape the natural space with many candle lights sufficiently big and out of the wind. Hence the idea of creating a new versatile candle light, when I received the commission to design new original home decorations     

Which way the project might be used ?

It was consider both indoor and outdoor uses. The products are suitable for afternoon picnics in the park, dinners on the terrace or in the garden, candlelit restaurants, comfortable living rooms and bedrooms, hotels and wellness areas. They may be used as an attractive decoration and a great solution for mood lighting at the same time

What are the dimensions ?

It consists of three different sizes. The large is H13cm x 14cm x 15cm, the medium one is H11 x 12cm x13 cm and the small one is H9cm x10 cm x 11cm

When was the project done ?

The project was done in 2020

What material is it made of ?

It is made of hand-glazed clay

What is the colour and finishing ?

In part hand-glazed in matte finishing white milk and light green colours

Where was the project done ?

Between Italy and Spain