Enio Catalano Office

Design studio addresses products, furniture, spaces and brand identity; aimed to create contemporary items that
are sensitive to human emotions and needs.


Hello! My name is Enio Catalano and I love create contemporary design aimed to beauty, combining modern production techniques and the best craftmanship quality. After a two-year experience as a technical designer I completed my training at the design university of Florence where I graduated in 2013 with full marks and honour. Since then I have focusing in a personal way of thinking about design developing projects that I like to call “sensitive to human emotions and needs”. My intervention, mainly between Spain and Italy, range from product design to furnishings, creative direction and setting for the retail sector; parallel to the design practice I am also active as a teacher.

“My aim is help companies to be more competitive by creating items that are sensitive to human emotions and needs. That is what design it means, to my mind.”