Enio Catalano Office

Design studio addresses products, furniture, spaces and brand identity; aimed to create contemporary items that
are sensitive to human emotions and needs.


Hello! My name is Enio Catalano and I love create contemporary design aimed to beauty, combining modern production techniques and the best craftmanship quality. After a two-year experience as a technical designer I completed my training at the design university of Florence where I graduated in 2013 with full marks and honour. Since then I have focusing in a personal way of thinking about design developing projects that I like to call “sensitive to human emotions and needs”. My intervention, mainly between Spain and Italy, range from product design to furnishings, creative direction and setting for the retail sector; parallel to the design practice I am also active as a teacher.

“My aim is help companies to be more competitive by creating items that are sensitive to human emotions and needs. That is what design it means, to my mind.”

Enfoque proyectual del estudio de diseño de producto y mobiliario, consultor en diseño Enio Catalano

Design approach & work philosophy

My most recent life path is specially linked to small craft industries in the furnishing sector and projects are mostly generated by suitable proposals to the company, whether a manufacturer, retailer or distributor (B2B, B2C, B2B2C); or arise from meetings with entrepreneurs or departments.

At the office, it designs and develops products – within structured creativity, «practical idealism» and knowledge of the interior design, lifestyle and luxury market – adapting to the available infrastructure and processes or defining a new editorial policy, always directing the item towards the target market values (usual or potential).

My service to companies, which incorporate design into their culture, is not only restricted to the product design but is also about consulting on it, managing projects of other designers and image consulting, adversiting and promotion (stands, catalogues, packaging, marketing); with service-minded attitude and the aim of creating a consistent, integral and effective differentiated value proposition – believing that profitability stems precisely from meeting people’s needs and matching their values.